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Don’t just listen to us, hear about real results from real patients. We take pride in creating lasting relationships with our patients and celebrating their new and improved health.

Patient Approved

Nathalie’s Story*

Hear a real experience from one of our patients. Our goal is treat your pain so you can get back to the activities you love.

Patient Approved

Nicole’s Story*

Hear how Nicole overcame her 30 years of back pain through treatments at Denali Medical.

Patient Approved

Zac’s Story*

After living for 8 years with a degenerative, bulging disc in his L4/L5 region in his lower back, plus consistent pain in his neck area after repeated whiplash. After 6 treatments at Denali, he’s now stronger than ever and back to all the activities that he thought he’d never be able to do again. 

Patient Approved

Jake’s Story*

Jake shares his story about how RenuO2 worked for him after 2 failed back surgeries.

Patient Approved

Todd’s Story*

Listen to Todd’s story on how he successfully overcame his chronic neck pain from a ski injury that occurred 15 years prior.

Patient Approved

Elizabeth’s Story*

Elizabeth share’s her story about how RenuO2 got her back on her feet after breaking her back.

Doctor & Customer Approved

Trusted By Thousands Of Customers

“Denali has changed my life for the better! It really has been such a great experience to work with them. My neck does not put restrictions on my life anymore!”*


Denali Medical has the best staff in town! They are very kind and and have a true desire to help you improve your life. Always professional and willing to bend over backwards to help a patient. We wanted an IV and the technician stayed late to get us taken care of. Wonderful service!“*


“My experience with this clinic has been very positive. The results I have seen for my knees with the RenuO2 has made it possible for me to return to many activities that I thought I had lost. I would highly recommend Denali.”*


“The doctor was caring and personable. She did a brief physical exam and knew immediately where my pain was. She explained the process in an understandable and compassionate way.”*


“I am grateful for the kind people at Denali. They always make me feel cared for and did the same for my sister when I brought her in for a shoulder injury.”*


Denali gave me my husband back. He had been suffering from years from a herniated disc in his lower back along with a lot of neck pain…. It’s been a year or two since he’s had any ozone injections and he’s still doing awesome! He’s the strongest and healthiest he’s ever been and I have the doctors at Denali to thank for that.“*


*Results may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed.

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