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Pelvic Reset 

Denali’s pelvic reset is a treatment technique used to reset disorders, pain, and dysfunction of the pelvis for both females and males. The pelvic reset technique is a combination of neural therapy, prolotherapy and hyperoxygenation (RenuO2) that focuses on a specific bundle of nerves and tissues in the pelvic region. These nerves and tissues are responsible for the function and well-being of the sex organs, genitalia and other pelvic functions such as bladder control and so forth. See a pelvic reset specialist today! 

Pelvic Resets Q&A

Our Treatments Get to the Root of the Problem

The cells in your body are constantly renewing themselves, taking in nutrients, eliminating waste and developing new cells. However, there are certain conditions that can break this process and when that happens, chronic and lasting pain syndromes develop. ANY pain lasting longer than 6 weeks is abnormal, and considered chronic. Denali’s pelvic reset systems help the body identify and repair these irregularities, solving the problem at the root source.

How is Denali’s Pelvic Reset Technique Administered?

Denali’s pelvic reset technique is comprised of three different techniques. We have found that the majority of patients respond best to a less invasive protocol. We call this ‘Phase One Reset’. If that reset proves unsuccessful, we then advance to the more complex protocols (Phases 2 and/or 3) as needed.

The Denali practitioner injects specific areas with a mixture of vitamins, anti-inflammatories, procaine, oxygen and ozone (RenuO2). This stimulates the cells in the area, resets the nerve tissue and helps the body clean up any scar tissue or residual debris. The technique is most effective at stimulating and resetting the nerves in the pelvis which also help the body identify problem areas and send reparative processes to the pelvis. If the RenuO2 process does not stimulate results, we can repeat the Phases with PRP with Ozone (PRPO2). PRPO2 works differently than RenuO2 and may provide healing in the few cases that RenuO2 does not.

What to Expect

As with any worthwhile process that generates true healing, one treatment may not always work. Typically a series of treatments will be necessary to achieve lasting results. The number and duration of the treatments will depend upon the complex issues that brought on the dysfunction in the first place. After a discussion with your Denali pelvic reset specialist and initiating a few treatments, we will have a better idea for how your body is going to respond to the therapy.

In women these injections can be used successfully to treat:

• General Pelvic Pain
• Endometriosis
• Incontinence (urine leaks)
• Low libido
• Menstrual irregularities
• Adhesions and scar tissue
• Post-surgical pain
• Infertility
• Low back pain
• Hip pain
• Vulvodynia
• Etc.

In men these injections can be used to help with:

• Erectile dysfunction
• Incontinence
• General pelvic pain
• Back pain
• Hip pain
• Post-surgical pain
• Etc.

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