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Root Cause of Pain

Does Your Doctor Understand Your Pain?



What Happens When a Doctor Doesn’t Understand the Root Cause of Your Pain?

‘Why do I hurt?’ It’s a simple question. And the answer is critical to finding permanent relief from your pain. However, most clinics don’t ask the question.

How come? Many doctors focus on treating the symptoms. This is how they were trained. You’re in pain? You’re sick? Here’s a pill. It takes more time to look deeper – to get to the root – and find what is causing your pain.

In addition, most clinics only have one treatment available for chronic pain. This becomes the one-size-fits-all treatment you are recommended. Maybe it’s steroids, Cortisone, or an ongoing medicine regimen. Likely, you are placed on the never-ending cycle of chronic pain. Keep trying medicines until you find one that works. When that medication stops working- we’ll find you a new one to try.

Denali Medical Center, We Understand Your Pain.


Denali Medical Center focuses on functional medicine and treats the root cause of illness. Denali believes health can be restored, illness can be prevented and surgeries can be avoided when a balance is achieved between Western and Holistic medicine.

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