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As we know, there’s a fare amount of illness that happens through the months of November and December. But it’s interesting that once patients get through the holidays, in January, it really hits. We see a big uptake in cold and influenza, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that the holidays were so stressful and there was so much going on. Patients are surprised when they take that breather and say, “Okay, now I can get back to normal life.” Well, we’ve been living under this stress for so long, our bodies kind of take a step back as well and try to recover. That’s where the cold and flu move in and really hits us.

Is a cold or flu keeping you from getting ‘back to normal life’ after the holidays? Listen to our full podcast where Dr. Brett J. Earl MD discusses ways to deal with influenza, his thoughts on vaccination, as well as the problem with electromagnetic frequency in today’s society.



On this episode of the Denali Podcast with Dr. Earl

  • (0:28) How to deal with New Year influenzas
  • (3:28) Does Bio Active-C have any taste?
  • (5:13) Dr. Earl’s thoughts about vaccination and its effect on the immune system
  • (9:49) Electromagnetic frequency in today’s society
  • (11:23) Why are electromagnetic waves are a problem?
  • (12:25) The importance of wave lengths and how they correspond with our bodies.
  • (16:50) What can we do to help solve this issue?

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