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What are Migraines Costing You?

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You Never Get a Second Chance.

We are losing precious memories. Your son’s kindergarten graduation, your daughter’s first performance, family gatherings, parent teacher meetings, time bonding with your husband (or wife), just helping your kids with their homework. These are all irreplaceable memories we don’t get a chance to go back and do over.


Have You Become Isolated & Disconnected?

What’s worse, many Chronic Pain sufferers become disconnected with the world around them. This is partly because we have developed a defense mechanism to stay away from anything that might trigger our pain, but for some it turns into a phobia. In addition, we lose our ability to relate to the “normal” healthy people around us. They can’t understand why we shy away from normal activities.  And this drives us further away from our family and friends as we become completely isolated.


What is the True Cost of Losing Work Days Due to Pain?

Chronic Pain costs you more than quality of life.  Each month of lost work, costly prescriptions, and doctor appointments can cost the family thousands of much-needed income – leading to increased stress and even crippling debt.

Use our calculator to see exactly how much your pain is costing you. Then give us a call and break the cycle.
87% of Denali patients who complete recommended treatment are pain-free in just 3-5 RenuO2 treatments.


Are You Missing Work?

If you are missing work due to migraines this could be costing you paid hours or promotions, it’s time to get help!

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