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Pelvic Reset Specialist 

If you have nonspecific low back pain or suffer from pain in your knees or hips, it could be due to an abnormal tilt or twist in the position of your pelvis. The team at Denali Medical Center in Bountiful, Utah, offers pelvic resets to adjust and realign your pelvis, improving your posture and reducing your pain. 

Pelvic Resets Q&A

What is a tilted pelvis?

Your pelvis is the bone at the bottom of your spine that connects your back to your hips. Your pelvis should be centered and rest in a neutral position. However, poor posture, weight gain, and injury can push your pelvis out of alignment, leading to a range of painful problems.

For example, your lower spine should have a slight natural curve. However, if weight gain or pregnancy causes a forward tilt in your pelvis, that curve becomes exaggerated, or if you have a backward pelvic tilt, the curve straightens. Regardless of the direction of the tilt of your pelvis, the incorrect alignment leads to pain in your lower back.

Your pelvis might also tilt to the left or right, or it may twist unevenly, which could contribute to painful back conditions such as scoliosis, where your spine curves in an unnatural direction.


What are the symptoms of a tilted pelvis?

Pain in your lower back, buttocks, hips, or knees are signs of a tilted pelvis. You may notice that one of your legs appears longer than the other or that one hip is higher than the other. It’s also possible for one side of your body to be more muscular or developed than the other.

What is a pelvic reset?

A pelvic reset is a series of stretches, exercises, and manual therapies to realign your pelvis. The team at Denali Medical Center provides a comprehensive physical assessment to identify an abnormal pelvic tilt. Your provider watches you walk and observes your posture when you stand and sit, and may also ask you to lie flat on your back to assess the curve of your spine or any abnormal tilting in your hips or pelvis.

After your assessment is complete, your provider creates a customized plan to reset your pelvis and relieve your pain. In addition to having a series of appointments where your provider massages and stretches your muscles and tendons to guide your pelvis into the correct position, they also give you exercises to practice at home to maintain the results you get during your appointments.

You may also benefit from RenuO2 injections. RenuO2 injections stimulate your body’s healing response and flood your damaged tissue with an infusion of oxygen and nutrients critical to cellular repair.

Call Denali Medical Center today or make an appointment online for expert pelvic reset treatments to relieve back pain and restore proper body function.

Individual results may vary.


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