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Free Vitamin Infusion (I.V)

with video testimonial and Google review.

Or, $10 credit on any future treatment at Denali Medical.

As a small business, our growth and success depends mainly on patients like you. Please help us by referring your friends and family to Denali Medical so they can also experience what it’s like to solve the root cause of a problem and truly heal.

Another great way to help us is by providing a testimonial. For a limited time, we’re offering a free vitamin infusion with a video testimonial and google review. You can either film yourself with your phone or you can schedule a time to come into the office and we can film it there. If you’re not interested in being on camera, we can offer a $10 credit for leaving us a Google Review. We love hearing success stories from our patients!

Unsure what to say in the testimonial?

Briefly tell your story (what was your problem area; what were you hoping to accomplish; what were the results; is there anything that you can do now that you couldn’t do previously; how many treatments did you have; etc)

To Claim Your Credit:

For $10 credit, write a testimonial on Google and send screenshot of your testimonial to contact@denalimed.com

For free vitamin infusion, write a testimonial on Google and send screenshot of your testimonial along with mp4 file to contact@denalimed.com. If the video file is to large to attach to the email, please upload to Google Drive and share with lstrauss@denalimed.com. Please include link in email. Contact us at 801.493.9811 to schedule your vitamin IV.

Fine details: video testimonial needs to be at least 60 seconds long. Denali Medical reserves the right to publish the testimonials on our website, social media, etc. Denali Medical also reserves the right to edit the testimonial. In order to receive the IV or $10 credit, testimonial must meet Denali Medical’s criteria – we reserve the right to deny ones that don’t meet our expectations.

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