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Neck & Back Pain Q&A

What causes neck and back pain?

Your spine supports your body and protects the nerves that send critical messages between your brain and body. Hypoxia and/or inflammation are central components of a number of aspects that may affect the central nervous system.

You rely on your spine every day to stand and move, and unfortunately, whether you spend the workday sitting at a desk or have a more physical job, you’re at risk of injuring your back or neck due to either a chronic overuse condition or an acute injury. Sometimes it can be a simple thing like lifting, twisting or turning that can cause a neck problem.

If you have a physical career such as nursing that requires you to be on your feet all day and lift and move patients, you could injure your back by lifting a patient incorrectly. Other common professions where neck injury is common include construction, janitorial, auto repair, office jobs and more. If you’re slumped at a desk all day, poor posture can eventually take its toll on both your neck and your back.

Another prevalent cause of neck pain is our increasing reliance on smartphones. On average, American adults spend around four hours a day with their heads tilted down looking at their smartphones. The whole weight of your head pulls on your neck when you do this, straining your muscles and eventually leading to pain and stiffness.

The team at Denali Medical Center provides customized treatments that address not just your neck or back pain, but also the underlying condition. Our signature treatment, RenuO2, is a deep tissue therapy that encourages your body’s natural healing process. By using a precise mix of vitamins, nutrients and empowered oxygen, it triggers your body’s healing response which is critical for your cells to regenerate new tissue and heal the injury.

Unlike other treatments, we don’t cover up or cut out the pain. We heal the pain. Because of this, our treatments last longer, are more effective and provide better results without the long recovery time typical of surgery.

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