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Coronavirus is actually one of the hundreds of viruses that can cause the common cold. What happens is these viruses will swap genetic information when they’re inside of a host. So, when you’ve got a cold and you pick up another virus, these colds will start to exchange genetic information, and that’s how a cold picks up new abilities.

Well, this particular strand has picked up the ability to become more lethal. And just like the common cold, it’s ability to pass from person to person is still very high, that’s why it’s so scary.

And still, the standard things apply. Good hand-washing and hygiene are absolutely critical, especially when you’re traveling. If you greet someone and shake their hand, try not to go directly to your face or mouth. Make sure your immune system is up and don’t forget to take your vitamins, all of this is very important.


To learn more about this topic, listen to our full podcast where Dr. Brett J. Earl MD discusses the importance of vitamin c consumption, how to decrease your chances of Coronavirus, and the benefits of sun exposure.


On this episode of the Denali Podcast with Dr. Earl:

  • (0:53) Importance of Vitamin C consumption
  • (4:12) How to decrease your chances of Coronavirus
  • (8:12) Benefits of Sun exposure


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