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Migraine Reset

from Denali

At Denali, we understand your pain.

Migraine Resets Provide Permanent Pain Relief by Treating the Root Cause of Your Pain

What is a Migraine Reset?

Your life doesn’t stop just because you have a migraine. A Migraine Reset helps you get back to your life through a fast, easy, FDA-approved procedure. How?

Most migraines and severe headaches are caused because the SPG (sphenopaletine ganglion) nerve cluster has become over sensitive. When exposed to your trigger, the SPG nerve becomes inflamed and you get a migraine.

A Migraine Reset permanently desensitizes this nerve cluster so it ignores the most common migraine triggers. After a successful Migraine Reset course, your body will simply no longer react (the SPG nerve no longer becomes inflamed) when exposed to your migraine trigger.

No more migraines.



Permanently eliminate migraines

No more prescription medications

Virtually painless, non-invasive

15 minute in-office treatment

Reduce migraine symptoms with each treatment


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Are you suffering from a migraine?

If you experience chronic migraines, then you know all too well just how debilitating they can be. And they seem to come on at the least opportune time. Many people think migraines are just painful headaches. However, migraines have a host of other symptoms including dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light, loss of vision, depression, and much more. Plus, many people experience migraines for 72 hours or more.

Denali Treats the Root Cause of all Headaches and Head Pain

A Migraine Reset treats inflammation to your SPG. But what if my migraine is not caused by something other than inflammation to my SPG?

It’s true - not all headaches are migraines. But all headaches hurt. Whether it’s IV Infusion Therapy to recharge vitamin and mineral depletion, or RenuO2 injections to treat trouble areas like your jaw for TMJ, Denali specializes in treating and eliminating all head pain. It’s because our practitioners identify the root cause of your pain and not simply providing temporary relief for your symptoms.


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