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An Alternative Health Clinic with a foundation in Traditional Medicine

Denali Medical Center focuses on functional medicine and treats the root cause of illness. Denali believes health can be restored, illness can be prevented and surgeries can be avoided when a balance is achieved between Western and Holistic medicine.


Our clinical expertise includes:

  • Oxygen/Ozone Therapy
  • RenuO2 (Prolozone)
  • Migraine Resets
  • Supplement Optimization
  • Vitamin Infusion for Recovery and Rejuvenation

Meet Our Practitioners

Dr. Chris J. Singer, DNP

Alisha A. Richins, FNP

Melanie K. Muma, FNP

Chris Singer is a Doctor of Nursing Practice Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner.  He received his Master of Science Degree in Nursing in May, 2000 from the University of Utah and the Family Nurse Practitioner program, receiving the Outstanding Master’s Student Award...

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Alisha Richins is board certified in Family Practice with over 15 years of healthcare experience. She is an enthusiastic, energetic practitioner with a wide range of clinical experience to serve each individual's unique needs...


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Melanie Kim Muma is a board-certified nurse practitioner (FNP-C). She earned her nurse practitioner degree from Graceland University. Prior to becoming a FNP, her experience included 12 years as a RN, with a primary focus in the Emergency Department...

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Meet Our Founder

Dr. Brett J. Earl, MD

Dr. Brett J. Earl is a Board Certified Physician with over 15 years of experience in his field. Dr. Brett J. Earl received his Medical Degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. He has been published numerous times and serves on various Medical Boards in Utah and his clinical expertise includes Ozone, RenuO2 Procedures, PRP Injections, Nutrition, Ultraviolet light IV Infusions (UBI), Supplement Optimization and IV Recovery and Rejuvenation.

After practicing Emergency Medicine for 15 years, and noting the benefits and limitations of traditional western medicine, he opted to study and practice integrative medicine. He focuses on restoring health, preventing illness, and avoiding prescriptions and surgeries wherever possible.

Dr. Earl currently practices integrative medicine specializing in athletes and weekend warriors at his clinic, True Balance Performance Clinic. Dr. Earl also served as a Life Flight Helicopter Physician and a Tactical Physician for the city of Toledo, Ohio SWAT team. Dr. Earl is married with six children. He enjoys farming, travel and all sports and played college baseball.


Our Clinics

We strive to provide the best healthcare in Foundational Medicine. Whether you have experienced a traumatic injury or have chronic pain, our practitioners understand your injury and are specialized to treat the root cause of your pain.

87% of Denali Migraine patients are permanently migraine free after just 3 treatments of our safe, easy, comfortable, quick and effective FDA approved procedure. Resume your life and do away with your medications.

Fix Your Joints Naturally. No Drugs. No Surgery. No Side Effects.

The Drip Room provides natural vitamins and minerals specially blended for lasting energy boost and pain and inflammation relief. Our drips are overseen by board certified Physicians.

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An Alternative Health Clinic with a foundation in Traditional Medicine

Meet Our Practitioners

Meet Our Founder

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